Forked Up Figurines

About a year ago, my little brother started a little company called, "Forked Up Art." Here he sells silverware people creations that he has welded and bended by hand.

He makes little figurines out of spoons, forks, and knives. He uses a few other objects to complete the creations when needed, but he mostly sticks to the basics.

These unique pieces are sure to start fun conversations, I know they have for me. Some of them are even quite practical, such as the Salt and Pepper Shaker Guys or Pencil Cup Holder. You can get all of his designs with either a spoon or fork head.

To browse through all of his clever designs go to

You may see him at an art show this summer if you happen to live in the western United States. He likes to visit, Utah, Arizona, and California, so keep an eye out for sure. He also sells his stuff through his website, as well as through Etsy. He also ships Internationally.

My favorites Forked Up pieces are:
-> iFork - iPhone holder
-> Business Card Holder
-> The Guzzler (not shown)
-> Rock On! (not shown)

Prices range from: $24.99 and up. 

For fun give-a-ways, check out his Facebook page. Check back here too, because I always have a few of his guys around that I love to share.

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