Ways She Saves

Looking for the sweet deals?
Check out these sites:

Groupon - Get local daily deals by email. Free to sign up.

RetailMeNot - Coupon Codes and discounts for online and offline shopping.

Entertainments Book - they have them for your local area. These books are filled with 50% off coupons and 2 for 1 deals on restaurants, groceries, shopping, travel, and attractions. They are now running a $19.99 special for all their book. Includes free shipping.

Starving Student Card - Available to college students, but only for select areas and schools (Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Michigan, and California). These cards offer lots of free stuff, 2 for 1 deals, and other discounts.

STA Travel ID Cards - These cards offer discounts and deals to youth, students, and teachers at home or abroad. I've used this several times while traveling. Very useful and it can save you a ton.

Polyvogue.com - Get sweet deals on name brand clothing through their online store.

Facebook - Check out store/product Facebook fan sites. They will post promotions, specials, and other info that you may only find there.

Twitter - Follow your favorite product and find out about promotions and sweet deals before the rest of the crowd.

Official Product Websites - They usually have coupons, specials, and other good information that they only post on their websites.  

Marketing emails - Sign up to receive product or company emails and get access to coupon codes and other good information.

Employee Discounts -  Check to see if the company you work for offers any employee discounts. I was able to get discount tickets to Disneyland and save on my mobile phone bill this way.


Check back often...this list will grow.