Skullcandy Ink'd earbuds

Photo by Paul Frank
If you haven't discovered skullcandy headphones, you are truly missing out.

The default white ones that came with my ipod just sucked. They hurt, they would fall out of my ears, and the sound just wasn't cutting it.

While browsing at FYE, I stumbled across Skullcandy's Ink'd earbuds. They had some on clearance and I thought, what the heck, I'll give them a go. My friends, I have never looked back.

Features I Love:
Comfort - They actually fit. This was the first thing I noticed. I can wear them all day long and they never hurt. They have silicon gel buds that form to your ear. Genius.
Noise Cancellation - They work wonders. Never have I been able to tune the world out better.
Stay Put - They don't fall out when I walk, run, or dance like a fool in my living room.
Sound - My tunes have never sounded better.
Cool - They just look cool. Several colors and styles to choose from.
Durable - I'm rough on them and my first pair lasted about a year.

Skullcandy headphones not only make you look good, they sound great. The Ink'd earbuds are just the beginning. They have other options that just keep getting better and better.

Price: Normally $19.99

Deals: has a coupon code for skullcandy that is 40% off your entire purchase on their online store. Type in "whatisbrown" at check out and you'll be good to go. Not sure how long this will last, so check it out. $10.75 - $12.00.
Best Buy: $12.99

Skullcandy INK'd Earbuds S2INCZ-034 (Black/Red)  Skullcandy INK'd Earbuds S2INCZ-036 (Green)

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