The purse I travel with - The Bayliss by Overland Equipment

Overland Equipment - Bayliss bag
This is the best organizer bag. Ever.
A few years ago, I was leaving on a trip to Africa and needed a purse or bag that was small, but versatile and durable.  After lots of searching for just the right one, I stumbled upon the Bayliss bag by Overland Equipment that seemed like it would be perfect. It worked out better than I could have hoped for.

It worked great not only for my Africa trip, but for several trips since then. It's the perfect size to hold and organize my point and shoot camera, phone, passport, mp3 player, as well as all the other little things I seem to need.

It's also the bag I take while running around town and shopping. Somebody always seems to stop me and ask where I got it because it is the perfect size.  I love that I can sling it across my body and just go. Mine is about 3 years old and still going strong. 

This little organizer bag has 3 compartments:
Bayliss - Middle section
  • The front is a flap-over that is ideal for pens and small pieces of paper.  There's also a small zip pocket which I use for coins. The flap-over has a convenient magnetic closure. 
  • The middle section is a double zip closure and opens down the sides. It has credit card slots, and pockets that work well for my phone, mp3 player, and passport.
  • The back section is the largest and holds my keys and point and shoot camera. It has a single zip closure.
I'm not into big purses. I don't like to carry that much with me, but I realize that I can't or shouldn't fit everything into my pockets. This bag makes it so I can go wallet-free! For those of you who feel the same, this bag does the trick.

These bags are worth every penny. They are very well made and will last a long time. For more photos and color choices, please check out their website.

Sweet Deals:
Overland Equipment sends out a monthly newsletter with specials on their bags. Sign up for their newsletter on their website or Facebook fan page. They also run fun contests on Facebook where you could win the Bayliss or one of their other wonderful bags. So check them out!

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