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I mentioned that I was a recent convert to running.

I spontaneously signed up for a 5K back in the fall and trained for 2 weeks and went for it.

I enjoyed it so much that when I saw an ad for a Half Marathon training group through Salt Lake Running Company, I signed up.

Yes, I know it's crazy to go from nothing, to a 5K, to a half marathon.
I did it though.
Not only did I finish, I shaved off a minute on my personal pace.
I enjoyed it so much, I have signed up for a full marathon and will start training very soon.

The training group through Salt Lake Running Company was a huge help. Since my friends either don't run or they just finished running the Boston Marathon I needed to find someone more in my skill level to run with.

For $49, I received a 12-week training schedule, weekly runs with a group, a nice shirt, and weekly tips and tricks on everything from nutrition, stretching, and how to deal with pre-race jitters. I was able to go at my own pace and found others in my same skill range.  Paying for the training group also made it so I was committed and accountable. The training was meant to get us ready for the Salt Lake Half Marathon and it did just that.

To get ready for fall races, may I recommend their running training group programs, starting up May 16th. They have one for half marathons and another for full marathons. You can find out more information and sign up on their website at:

If you're not in Utah, I'm sure there are similar running and training groups in your area. If you've been wanting to take your running and training to the next level, these groups can help. Go ahead, do it! You will be so proud of yourself as you cross that finish line!
Happy Training & Happy Running!

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